{ Gap tee, William Rast skinny jeans, Jewelmint ‘Gypsy Queen’ necklace, Toms ‘Reina’ flats, Chloé purse, burgundy Esther glasses by Shō Eyeworks }

It has been such a crazy couple of weeks at work for me – I feel like I’ve barely had time to stop and think. Just a couple more weeks, though, and things should start to settle down back to a normal level of crazy.


I managed to snap a couple of photos while we were out to dinner last week at Tatsu Ramen – and by that I mean, I remembered to bring my camera and bat my eyes at Matthew. I’ve been hearing strange rumors for years now that Top Ramen is not real ramen. But, now I can see it’s just a cheap imitation.

"Old Skool" Ramen at Tatsu Ramen

(And don’t think I’m knocking Top Ramen – who didn’t live off that stuff in college? And, when we were kids, who didn’t drain all the water, throw away the flavor pack, and just mix in butter with the noodles? Oh, just me.)



As you can see by the large bifocals on my face, glasses have actually become a regular thing for me lately. Even though I’ve been wearing contact lenses most of my life – since elementary school, actually – I recently bought this new pair of glasses that have become almost an everyday look for me. I still switch to contacts for dressing up and going out, but these specs have become my default for work.


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  1. Becca Anne says:

    I love your new glasses!! You’re the cutest little hipster I’ve ever seen! 🙂

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