Tying the knot

3D paper heart garland

All that week, we had been preparing for rain. The forecast didn’t look promising for the outdoor ceremony I had been dreaming about for a year, with the chance of “scattered showers” making us prepare to move our plans indoors. A little ahead of schedule that morning, though, we suddenly had an opening – the light rain stopped and the sun started to peek through the clouds – and we quickly seized the moment.

the officiant, the groom and the groomsmen

{ the officiant, the groom and the groomsmen }

my brother escorting our mom

{ my brother escorting our mom }

the parents of the groom

{ the parents of the groom }

the groom and his mother

{ Matthew escorting his mom }

Becca Annie & Becca


Julia Julia

the flower girls

the flower girls

{ our flower girls, Zoe and Adele }

the flower girls

Joe & Jacie Sites

{ our musicians, Joe & Jacie Sites }

mother of the bride

parents of the groom

walking down the aisle

the bride and her father

the guys


Even though it would begin to rain again soon after, the clouds parted just long enough for Matthew and I to become husband and wife under the wide open sky.


Julia reading "i carry your heart with me" by e.e. cummings

{ his sister, Julia, reading a poem }

i carry your heart with me by e.e. cummings

our wedding ceremony

Joel reading a traditional Irish blessing

{ my brother, Joel, reading a blessing }

traditional Irish blessing

Joel reading a traditional Irish blessing

reading his letter

{ reading his letter to me }

After Julia and Joel performed two heartfelt readings for us, Matthew and I read letters we had written to each other before saying our vows.

Matthew's letter

reading his letter

reading my letter

{ reading my letter to him – except I’m a crier… and so are all my bridesmaids }

reading my letter

my letter

reading my letter

“…even though sometimes I accuse you of being a ‘stick in the mud’…”


{ handfasting }

tying the knot

Of all the many different rituals used in weddings to symbolize the joining of two people and their families, Matthew and I chose to perform a handfasting. For me, there couldn’t have been a more unaffected, elegantly simple way to represent these promises we were making. Most importantly, this traditional Celtic ritual of joining hands emphasizes mutual consent and a union of equals.

tying the knot

leaning in for the kiss

{ leaning in for the kiss }


We received a lot of generous compliments from the guests at our wedding, especially from the kids who loved the photo booth at the reception. The best compliment I heard, though, was from my Aunt Merry: I was talking to her and my Uncle Tim about how pleased we were with our officiant, when I described his speech as “genuine.” She stopped and said, “Genuine – that’s the word I would use to describe your wedding.”

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