Unconventional accessories

Diamond Body Chain from Nasty Gal

As much as I love necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, why should we stick to four basic forms of jewelry? Simple, well-designed body chains, headpieces, handpieces – even decorative hairpins – bring a little extra character and style to an outfit.

Reversible Pearl and Gunmetal Delicate Body Chain by knobbly

Beaded Tassel Handpiece from Free People Beaded Tassel Handpiece from Free People

Simple Body Chain No. 2 by hungry Swan

Grenada Goddess Headwrap

Double Rose Headpiece from Free People

Vintage Pearl Handpiece from Free People

Ariadne no. 3 Body Chain Necklace by hungry Swan

Twig Branch Bobby Hair Pins by Woodland Belle

Rhinestone Goddess Chain Headdress from Urban Outfitters

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