Pure sunshine

Button-up maxi dress by Mina Stone Bubble Necklace by J. Crew

It’s been a cloudy start to the week out here, so I thought I’d search for a little sunshine. Bright and neon yellow are such amazingly vibrant colors – so full of energy and cheerfulness – that they are just about guaranteed to catch your eye and brighten your mood. I love how a single yellow accessory or detail can be bold, bright and daring against a neutral background, and a monochromatic yellow outfit can be lively, fresh and unexpectedly modern.

One-Shoulder Chiffon Dress by Cooper St

Magnetic Electric Dress by Finders Keepers

High Heel Sandal by Zara

Even though I love the color, yellow has always been difficult for me to wear with my pale skin tone. With a darker complexion, you don’t have to worry so much about looking washed out or sallow. However, even us “ivories” can look great in yellow if we use it well and pick the right shade. I have found that warm yellows with more of an orange undertone are the best for my complexion, but you should experiment to figure out what you like best with your skin tone. And you’re always safe with a yellow accessory, like jewelry or a bag, no matter the shade.

'Hana' Dress by Kate Spade New York

Large Crossbody Bag by Steve Madden

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