Drawing the line

Silent Star Wedges by Beverly Feldman

Can I even begin to explain how hectic life has been for me recently? My wedding is now less than two weeks away, and I spend every “free” moment tying up loose ends for it. However, I made a little time for fashion tonight – just enough to share another of my favorite things: high contrast stripes.

Celina dress by Kate Spade Scarlett Club 55 Stripe Top by TT Collection

Bobeau Stripe Midi Skirt

In one of my first fashion posts, I talked about all the ways and reasons I love to use high contrast in an outfit. Since then, the horizontal, black-and-white stripe trend has exploded! Now there are so many amazing pieces out there that, contrary to a popular fear, actually flatter the body. Whether or not horizontal stripes work depends all on how you use them – look for well-constructed pieces to wear on the parts of your body you love to show off.

Ace & Jig Tee Shift Dress

Broken Stripes Loafers by Charles Phillip

Kimono-Sleeve Maxi by J. Crew Maxi dress from Mason by Michelle Mason

Annitian Striped Booties

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