Getting dressed and ready

Hair and makeup

{ wearing my new robe while Leslee Anne does my makeup }

It’s been a little over two months since Matthew and I finally got married. We may be young, but we’ve been together just over eight years now – and he’s sort of been asking to marry me since the beginning.


{ my girls – or “maids” – in their robes and lockets }

Annie and me

As I’m thinking about this morning when I got ready to marry my husband, it really is all a blur of excitement. I hardly remember the jokes we’re laughing about in these pictures – except how much I loved it every time Leslee Anne called one of us “foxy” – but I remember brimming with so much joy and anticipation.

Having my makeup done

Hair and makeup

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get bogged down in all the details – and there are very, very many – but all I was thinking about that morning was seeing him again and what I would say.

Finished my vows and getting a little emotional

{ finished my vows and getting a little emotional over here }

Finishing my vows on a hotel notepad

I had been planning my vows ever since he proposed – but it is so like me that I was still composing my thoughts until the very last moment on a hotel notepad. Sometimes, I think, we overthink how to say the most important things, when really the truth will just come to us in a moment of clarity.

Zipping up

{ zipping up my ivory, organza gown by Vera Wang }

The parents of the bride

{ the parents of the bride }

Right shoe Enjoying a forgotten joke

An almost-sister moment

{ an almost-sister moment with Matthew’s sister, Julia }

My wedding shoes

{ my suede, Pelle Moda shoes }

My wedding shoes

Left shoe

Bridal bouquet

{ my bouquet by Sami Volcansek }

Almost ready to go

{ wearing the earrings he gave me }

My parents and me

{ my parents and me }

My sweet dad

Excited and ready to go

Thank you to our photographer, Morris Weintraub, for documenting this day for us!

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