The scalloped effect

Silk Scalloped Ella Dress by TBA

Scalloped edges have been coming back into vogue recently, bringing a romantic vintage flair to modern pieces. Such a quirky sort of detail, scalloping – this wavy sort of effect created when an edge follows a repetitive pattern of arches – is so named for how it looks like the grooves on the shell of a scallop. It’s such a cute, dainty detail that it immediately adds a lot of femininity and youth to even the simplest of pieces.

Scalloped Shorts by J. Crew Oh I Love That Gold Necklace by Michi Girl

Jill Stuart Spring 2012

Sky Petals Necklace by Brandy Pham

Scalloped Edge Shorts by Kookai

Libre Leather Shorts from ALICE by Temperley Madison Marcus Shorts by Achieve Silk

Scallop Trim Short by Aqua

Queens Wardrobe lace skirt, styled by blogger Alexandra from Lovely Pepa

While on one side of this trend I have seen a lot clean-edged scalloping make a modern, graphic statement, there is another side to scalloping: Victorian-inspired scalloped lace. I’m especially loving all the lace skirts – I think they bring a fun sense of sophistication to an everyday outfit. (Other similar lace skirts here and here.)

Lacet Necklace by Juliet & Company Tiered Lace Skirt by Aqua

Here is how I’ve done a scalloped hem in the past, with my lace ‘Cheri’ romper from DV by Dolce Vita. It’s a sort of fusion between the modern, graphic and the Victorian lace sides of this sweet trend.

Dolce Vita Romper + Fletcher by Lyell Blouse
Dolce Vita Romper + Fletcher by Lyell Blouse

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