Pieced together

La Plata Patchwork Jean by Artisan de Luxe

Two Denim Shirt from Pixie Market Two Denim Shirt from Pixie Market

Patchwork denim is nothing new, but the way its being done now is. I’m obsessed with these La Plata Patchwork Jeans by by Artisan de Luxe (above) that became the whole inspiration for this post. I remember that patchwork jeans had a vogue while I was in middle school, but then it was usually a very distressed, all-denim look. This new form of patchwork creates cleaner, more graphic designs with contrasting fabrics and colors.

Denim Patch Jacket by Surface To Air

Jimmy Jimmy Skinny With Patches by Paige

Vagabond Moto Jacket by Citizens of Humanity Jeans Regular Slim Patched Jeans by Surface to Air

But even with this newer style of patchwork denim, I will always love well-designed, all-denim patchwork, too.

Patched Skinny Jeans by Free People

Beatnik with Leather by J Brand

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