True blue, indigo chic

Lately, I’ve been amazed at how denim in fashion has diversified. Shopping for jeans feels like browsing through the sweets in a candy shop: there’s denim in every shape, color and flavor. Not only is there a new rainbow of skinny jeans out there, but even the traditional button-up, blue denim shirt (complete with square breast pockets) is back! While I’m delighted that I can buy jeans in cherry reds, corals or teals, I love keeping alive old-fashioned, indigo-dyed denim – the way they originally made it “de Nîmes” – in reinvented and modern ways.

Denim Tunic Dress
{ Denim Tunic Dress by Totokaelo }
Denim on Denim
{ Denim blouse by American Eagle and Denim trousers by Gap }
Fremont Shirtdress
{ Fremont Shirtdress by Bella Dahl }
Chambray Romper
{ Chambray Romper by Elevenses }
Pilcro Sailor Slims
{ Pilcro Sailor Slims from Anthropologie }
Faded Denim Pea Coat
{ Faded Denim Pea Coat by Ralph Lauren }

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