Tying the knot

3D paper heart garland

All that week, we had been preparing for rain. The forecast didn’t look promising for the outdoor ceremony I had been dreaming about for a year, with the chance of “scattered showers” making us prepare to move our plans indoors. A little ahead of schedule that morning, though, we suddenly had an opening – the light rain stopped and the sun started to peek through the clouds – and we quickly seized the moment.

the officiant, the groom and the groomsmen

{ the officiant, the groom and the groomsmen }

my brother escorting our mom

{ my brother escorting our mom }

the parents of the groom

{ the parents of the groom }

the groom and his mother

{ Matthew escorting his mom }

Becca Annie & Becca


Julia Julia

the flower girls

the flower girls

{ our flower girls, Zoe and Adele }

the flower girls

Joe & Jacie Sites

{ our musicians, Joe & Jacie Sites }

mother of the bride

parents of the groom

walking down the aisle

the bride and her father

the guys


Even though it would begin to rain again soon after, the clouds parted just long enough for Matthew and I to become husband and wife under the wide open sky.


Julia reading "i carry your heart with me" by e.e. cummings

{ his sister, Julia, reading a poem }

i carry your heart with me by e.e. cummings

our wedding ceremony

Joel reading a traditional Irish blessing

{ my brother, Joel, reading a blessing }

traditional Irish blessing

Joel reading a traditional Irish blessing

reading his letter

{ reading his letter to me }

After Julia and Joel performed two heartfelt readings for us, Matthew and I read letters we had written to each other before saying our vows.

Matthew's letter

reading his letter

reading my letter

{ reading my letter to him – except I’m a crier… and so are all my bridesmaids }

reading my letter

my letter

reading my letter

“…even though sometimes I accuse you of being a ‘stick in the mud’…”


{ handfasting }

tying the knot

Of all the many different rituals used in weddings to symbolize the joining of two people and their families, Matthew and I chose to perform a handfasting. For me, there couldn’t have been a more unaffected, elegantly simple way to represent these promises we were making. Most importantly, this traditional Celtic ritual of joining hands emphasizes mutual consent and a union of equals.

tying the knot

leaning in for the kiss

{ leaning in for the kiss }


We received a lot of generous compliments from the guests at our wedding, especially from the kids who loved the photo booth at the reception. The best compliment I heard, though, was from my Aunt Merry: I was talking to her and my Uncle Tim about how pleased we were with our officiant, when I described his speech as “genuine.” She stopped and said, “Genuine – that’s the word I would use to describe your wedding.”

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Just outside the bridal suite

the groom has arrived

{ the groom has arrived }

I know it’s a little bit old-fashioned, but Matthew and I decided not to see each other before the ceremony on our wedding day. The girls and I arrived at the ceremony site early that day to start hair and makeup, then the guys rolled in a bit later. After they arrived, I stayed back in the “bridal suite” until I walked down the aisle.

Matthew and his groomsmen

{ getting ready with his groomsmen }

Matthew's groomsmen

Matthew and his groomsmen


Meanwhile, the guys suited up, our florist set the stage, and our planner, well, handled everything for us. Matthew helped his groomsmen, who had apparently never seen cuff links before. Our close friends and family helped out in any way they could – mixing the lemonade, ironing dress shirts, placing a paper fan on each chair, or just grabbing a chocolate croissant for a hungry bride.

Matthew's childhood babysitter, Kristine, lends a hand

{ Matthew’s childhood babysitter, Kristine, lends a hand }

Kristine and Matthew's brother, Nick

going over final details with the officiant, his Uncle Dan

{ going over final details with the officiant, his Uncle Dan }

the groom's all ready



Matthew and his mom

{ I don’t know what this expression was about, but it tickles me. }

Matthew's brother and groomsman, Alex

parents of the groom

{ parents of the groom }

father of the bride

{ my dad }

my mom and older brother, Joel

{ my mom and big brother }

invitation set

{ “Banner and Branches” wedding set by Alethea and Ruth, from Minted }


{ take a program }

mother of the bride

looks like we're almost set up outside

{ looks like we’re almost set up outside }

our chuppah

floral detail

3D paper heart garland

{ custom commissioned garland from The Pulparazzi on Etsy }

3D paper heart garland

pinwheels for the kids

{ for the young and young at heart }

our officiant, Matthew's Uncle Dan

here comes the groom

{ here comes the groom }

pinning on the groom's boutonnière

the groom and his groomsmen


Last night, I asked Matthew how he remembers that time getting ready before the ceremony…

the groom and his groomsmen

“It all went by so fast. And then, oh,” he gave me a soft smile, “it was time to go.”


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Getting dressed and ready

Hair and makeup

{ wearing my new robe while Leslee Anne does my makeup }

It’s been a little over two months since Matthew and I finally got married. We may be young, but we’ve been together just over eight years now – and he’s sort of been asking to marry me since the beginning.


{ my girls – or “maids” – in their robes and lockets }

Annie and me

As I’m thinking about this morning when I got ready to marry my husband, it really is all a blur of excitement. I hardly remember the jokes we’re laughing about in these pictures – except how much I loved it every time Leslee Anne called one of us “foxy” – but I remember brimming with so much joy and anticipation.

Having my makeup done

Hair and makeup

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get bogged down in all the details – and there are very, very many – but all I was thinking about that morning was seeing him again and what I would say.

Finished my vows and getting a little emotional

{ finished my vows and getting a little emotional over here }

Finishing my vows on a hotel notepad

I had been planning my vows ever since he proposed – but it is so like me that I was still composing my thoughts until the very last moment on a hotel notepad. Sometimes, I think, we overthink how to say the most important things, when really the truth will just come to us in a moment of clarity.

Zipping up

{ zipping up my ivory, organza gown by Vera Wang }

The parents of the bride

{ the parents of the bride }

Right shoe Enjoying a forgotten joke

An almost-sister moment

{ an almost-sister moment with Matthew’s sister, Julia }

My wedding shoes

{ my suede, Pelle Moda shoes }

My wedding shoes

Left shoe

Bridal bouquet

{ my bouquet by Sami Volcansek }

Almost ready to go

{ wearing the earrings he gave me }

My parents and me

{ my parents and me }

My sweet dad

Excited and ready to go

Thank you to our photographer, Morris Weintraub, for documenting this day for us!

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Modern vintage

Sergeant Bell Sleeve Jacket by Free People

Fashion is always looking to the past for inspiration.

Gillian Dress by Dear Creatures Gillian Dress by Dear Creatures

Just as much as fashion is about innovation, fashion is about connotation – the historical references that bring meaning to the details, shapes, colors and fabrics.

Adorned With Love Colorblocked Dress from Ruche

Vintage maxi dress Vintage Nicole Miller dress

Suki blazer by BB Dakota

Made For Me Tweed Dress from Ruche

What I love about a vintage aesthetic is that it makes these associations and inspirations explicit. When you take a well-chosen piece or a style out of its own time, it looks so unique in its new context.

Vintage Rose Wool Coat by Tulle

The key, I think, is finding vintage or vintage-inspired items that connect with modern fashion.

Charlie Tweed Blazer by Dear Creatures Down The Boulevard Jacket from Ruche

Vintage 90s Long Floral Dress from Ruby Chic Boutique

For authentic vintage clothes, you should stick with the pieces that have aged well. Only wear clothes that are still in good condition and in fabrics that don’t look too dated (some synthetic fabrics, unfortunately, just end up looking low quality and cheap by today’s standards).

Love Is In The Air Open Slit Dress from Ruche

Collective Thoughts Button-Back Blouse from Ruche Meeting Time Pants from Ruche

Haven Beauty Striped Dress from Ruche

From there, it’s a matter of finding those pieces that strike a balance between what was then and what is now. Maybe look for an old silhouette in a modern color scheme or with contemporary details, like graphic horizontal stripes (above).

Mod Perfection Shift Dress from Ruche Late Summer Dreams Cropped Coat by Tulle

Second Chance Striped Dress from Ruche

'Lena' dress by TBA

Maybe look for a classic, like a black dress lace, done in a whole new way…

'Lena' dress by TBA

… or maybe an old black lace dress that just looks surprisingly modern.

Vintage 50s Black Lace Dress from Ruby Chic Boutique

Why do we think lace is “romantic” and bows are “sweet”? And, no matter how you style it, why does a voluminous, A-line skirt that cinches at the waist and ends mid-calf (above) make us think of the 1950s? It’s all an allusion… nerdy pun intended.

Vintage 1940s Striped Cotton Dress by Normay

Romantic Dress by Gold Hawk

Vintage Lace Shorts by Gold Hawk

Dipped in Daisies Blouse from Spotted Moth

Edinburgh Stroll Stand Collar Coat by Tulle Silk Lace Short by Gold Hawk

Path Of Love Top from Ruche

Vienna Waits Open Toe Heels from Ruche Vienna Waits Open Toe Heels from Ruche

Stephanie Lace Blouse by Dolce Vita

Vintage 50s/60s Wiggle Dress in Oatmeal Irish Linen by Carlye Vintage 50s/60s Wiggle Dress in Oatmeal Irish Linen by Carlye

Afternoon Love Dress by Flannel

Eyelet Top from Beyond Vintage 70s Canvas Vegan Vintage Bag from Heirra Vintage

Do you have any vintage clothes or accessories you love to wear? If you do, share them in the comments below. If you don’t, maybe this should be the next book on your reading list, too.

The Little Guide To Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier

Check out more of my vintage and vintage-inspired finds on my blog and on Pinterest!

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The fall of flowers

Beau Top from Need Supply Co.

As we transition into colder seasons – or some of us, anyway, because I’m still waiting to feel a welcome autumn chill – its nice to be able to bring a little summer along with us. Floral prints have naturally always been more popular in the spring and summer, but this year it looks like they’re going to survive the frost.

Inked Dress by Mink Pink

Floral Symphony Signature Blouse by Equipment Stevie Wool Hat by Nasty Gal

The idea of wearing bright florals in fall and winter still seems a little strange to me, but sometimes I like my fashion to be a little off-kilter. To me, it’s all about finding beauty in the contrast.

Floral Compass Peplum Top from Ruche

You can look for flowery prints in darker or autumnal tones, like rusty oranges, dark reds, and burgundies (like below), or in non-traditional fall colors that would work beautifully with those colors (like the teal blouse above). Take the bright orange dress by Mink Pink (second from the top), for instance: I would style it with the wine-colored fedora just below it, tawny leather boots and an off-white knit cardigan.

Floral Confection Dress by Tulle

Ziggy Disco Romper by Gypsy Junkies 
Topshop Faux Leather Sleeve Army Jacket & India Wedges by Blowfish

{ Gypsy Junkies romper, Topshop jacket + Blowfish wedges }

And, if you participated in one of the many floral trends from this spring and summer – like combining flowery prints or buying floral pants – you’ll be happy to hear they’re still “in.” Just pair these pieces with booties instead of sandals, a felt fedora instead of a straw Panama hat, a chunky knit sweater instead of a silk blouse, and darker fall tones instead of neon colors.

Diane Eco-Friendly Dress by Amour Vert

Rose Suvi Dress by Elizabeth & James Miss Saigon Kimono Cape by Mink Pink

Silky Printed Blouse by Silence & Noise

Colorblock Tee by Kimchi Blue

Floral Twill Pant by Sparkle & Fade 'The Stiletto' jeans by Current/Elliott

BDG Breezy Printed Dolman Shirt

Reverse Studded Shoulder Floral Jacket

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