As someone who has a tendency to clutter her computer desktop with every random file she thought – at the time – she needed to keep ready at her fingertips, I took some time this weekend to clean off my virtual desktop. Hidden in that mosaic of files, I rediscovered this video of Matthew and I practicing our first dance.

We took one dance lesson – one and only one – to have our first dance choreographed and taught to us. By the end, our instructor took this video to help us remember the routine up until the wedding.

{ The Dress That Might Have Been }

After finding that video, I remembered a couple of other “behind the scenes” videos from the months leading up to the wedding. This time last year, I was picking out my wedding dress with my parents and two of my bridesmaids in Chicago. I had already done some shopping on my own – and more online shopping than I care to admit – and I had narrowed it down to these two dresses.

{ The Dress That Was }

Even though I kept asking for everyone’s opinion – and they all clearly had an opinion – they all kept quiet to let me make my own choice. So I did… after a night of watching these videos over and over, over margaritas. And, as it turns out, I picked everyone’s favorite – or so they say!

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