Taking flight

Native Birds Dress by Maeve

Anyone who really knows me personally knows about my love of birds – bird statues, bird drawings, bird photographs, bird jewelry… while Matthew does not share this passion, he has allowed me to keep a couple little bird statues around all year (and two more for Christmas).

Bird Dress from Need Supply Co.

So you have to know that I love bird-patterned textiles! I’ve actually been seeing a lot of these around lately, especially these wonderfully detailed, large-scale prints. Even with the subtler, smaller-scale prints, birds add a little bit more joy and quirk to an outfit.

Singing with the Birds Dress by Knitted Dove

Ironically, as I was putting this entry together for today, I realized how appropriately timed it is to talk about birds just before I take flight. I’m flying out to Jackson Hole today to get married – and I can’t believe I’m finally getting to say that! It’s four days until the wedding, and everything is still feeling so surreal.

Bird Print Dress by Mulberry

Bird Goddess Top from Pixie Market Cobalt Bird Dress from Pixie Market

Birds Top by Zara

Cobalt Bird Dress from Pixie Market Bird Chiffon Skirt from Pixie Market

Big Bird Playsuit by TopShop

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