The Honeymoon: Lana’i

Hulopo'e Bay

From the moment we arrived at the Four Seasons, I felt the world just go quiet. Even though there were plenty of other people around, it was just the two of us and the ocean.

a room service breakfast on the balcony

{ lazy breakfast in our oceanfront room }

Lover's Rock

We would go to the beach, swim in the ocean and play in the tides – but the nearest people were dark specks on distant sand. We would go snorkeling and never encounter another person in the coral reef.

Hulopo'e Bay

{ Hulopo’e Bay }

We spent most of our time in the ocean or reading on the beach or balcony, so I don’t have many pictures to show for Lana’i. Even though I don’t like the way I look in this picture, I know Matthew would think I was being silly if I didn’t include the only picture we have of the two of us in front of Hulopo’e Bay – the only one of the three photos this nice stranger took that came out clearly.

the two of us

I’d like to say I ‘look a mess’ here because we just came back from a hike, but I’m pretty sure this was before our hike up to Lover’s Rock… this is just an unfortunate case of hat-hair combined with white-girl-in-the-tropics.

Lover's Rock

{ Lover’s Rock }

Lover's Rock

It’s hard not to miss this beautiful hideaway. Maybe it’s just because this is where the honeymoon started, but it’s the place I miss most. I can’t wait to go back someday to the warm ocean water and the banana macadamia nut stuffed french toast.

Pacific Ocean

{ Pacific Ocean }

our Hawaiian leis

{ our Hawaiian leis }

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2 Responses to The Honeymoon: Lana’i

  1. Helen says:

    looks like a beautiful place for a honeymoon

  2. Leigh says:

    Oh it looks like you two had such a lovely honeymoon! So beautiful!

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